Turkey tangle fogfruit

Key West Field Guide, vegetable

Phyla nodiflora

The key difference between this species and its other Florida relatives, P. lanceolata and P. fruticosa, lies with the leaves. This much more common species, P. nodiflora, has leaves that are widest above the middle and with round or obtuse leaf tips. The leaves of the other two species are typically widest at the middle. Additionally, P. lanceolata (lance-leaved fogfruit) also has toothed leaf margins well below the middle of the leaf, unlike both P. nodiflora and P. fruticosa (diamond-leaf fogfruit).

Phyla nodiflora leaves

Phyla nodiflora flowers


Roadside of 10th Avenue and Harris Avenue. Common throughout the area.

Identification source:

Guide to the Vascular Plants of Florida

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